Arnold Gonzales

Paintings and Drawings

About The Artist

My paintings represent a blend of personal feelings and memories connected to my family and culture. These emotions and cultural images inspire me to use materials and techniques that will evoke serenity and capture simplicity. At other times, I’m moved to create work that is vibrant with expression and energy.

With every painting, whether an abstract or a portrait, I follow the same process and always with the thought of keeping the images simple, honest and real. With every brush stroke, my aim is to create work that will produce an experience for the viewer that will bring them into my art, feel the emotion, and perhaps make a personal connection as they explore the image. With my portraits, I would hope that the viewer would walk away wondering and reflecting not only about the artistic technique, but also about the lives of the subjects, their stories and their way of life.

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My deepest hope is that viewers will find my art simple, honest and timeless, and that it will bring joy to people’s lives.